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GIGA Professional Partners!

Our Team’s experience working with European employers, closing competence gaps, and vast knowledge about human dynamics makes us more competitive in screening Filipino talents not just for the right skills and competency, but also for the right behavior and work attitude.

With our strong European roots, GigaProfessional Partners was founded with the goal of helping our European partners close their skills-labor market shortages with the help of our close business partner, GigaMare Inc.: providing combined service consisting of recruitment, skills and language training, and deployment to our job candidates' work location.

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Our job offerings

How do we help?

Our process is guided by these 5 steps to ensure your smooth and efficient application and hiring experience with us:

Talent Needs Assessment

Identification of qualifications and requirements needed for the job


Proactively searching for qualified job candidates for current or planned open positions 

Screening and Selection

Sorting through the pipeline of candidates whom will be endorsed for the job 


Preparation and documentation for the employment of the selected job candidates 

Integration / Onboarding

Ensuring preparedness of the selected job candidates to their new lives and careers 

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