Welder for United Kingdom

--United Kingdom--

The shipbuilding business is growing, and we are now recruiting Welders for our clients to weld structures that have been fabricated, assembled, and/or installed as parts of a ship, with the aim of delivering the very best product possible to our customer's customers. You will be working to engineering standards, striving for the quality right the first time, and taking the ship from basic steel design to the final constructed warship.

Join a team of experienced, creative, production trade shipbuilders!

This is an exciting time to join a business that is expanding and transforming, to operate in a new, innovative, and competitive environment.


The following tasks are expected to be performed by the successful applicants: 

  • Weld different materials (carbon & stainless steel & aluminum) 

  • Employ various welding processes: Manual Metal Arc, Metal Inert Gas, Automatic & Semi-Automatic Machine Welding (Submerged - Arc & KAT) & Resistance Welding (Stud Welding) 

  • Weld butts and fillets to a high standard 

  • Execute Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)/ MAG as the main process (using ceramic tiles) 

  • Self-verify, evaluate, and ensure all welds meet and/or surpass standards 

  • Adhere to all the related standards associated with welding including fume control 

Skills and Qualifications Required


  • Knowledge and experience in welding and use of associated equipment 
  • Expertise in all positional welding 
  • Mastery of the Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) process 
  • Ability to provide or process papers (Trade papers, e.g., formal apprenticeship) 
  • Understanding and observance of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) risk awareness 
  • Understanding of manufacturing processes 
  • Ability to deposit welds that pass both visual and NDE examinations 
  • Knowledge of the materials required and excellence in welding carbon steel thickness ranging from 4mm to 10mm 
  • Comfortability working in confined spaces and or at height while maintaining exemplary work 


  • Safety certification i.e., SHE induction, COSHH awareness 
  • Background in major construction/manufacturing environment 
  • Welding with MCAW consumables 
  • Welding aluminum with the MIG process 
  • Welding with automated equipment 
  • Flexible and adaptable about how you work and what you work on, a real team player who’s willing to get involved. 
  • Has great verbal communication skills, with coaching abilities, i.e., passing on knowledge to apprentices, and your integrity and practical problem-solving techniques are second to none.